Tel-Lingua is a Texas based LLC incorporated in 2009. Our offices are located at 28255 Steeplechase Lane, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015-4801. Our phone number is 210-380-0458 and our FAX number is 210-698-7150. Our web site can be accessed at

Andrew MangoldPresident:
Andrew Mangold holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Tufts University. He invested six years in a doctoral program in Immunology (nuclear physics applications in molecular biology) and went on to become a serial entrepreneur. Of the more than a dozen companies he has started, two have gone public (ZPDI, USLD) and one was acquired (Neural Systems) by a public company. In addition to Tel-Lingua and Mangold Technologies, he is involved in initiatives in renewable energy sources and carbon dioxide capture. He can be reached at

Michael PfeufferTechnology Officer:
Michael Pfeuffer holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University (Engineering Technology, Specializing in Electronics and Telecommunications). He was a Central Office Engineer with San Marcos Telephone Company for 9 years. Following that, he spent 10 years with Cyberlog International Ltd. At Cyberlog, he was lead programmer and then project manager on numerous projects including the SS7-based Service Control Point (SCP). For the last six years he has continued to work with Andrew Mangold at both Mangold Technologies Corporation and Tel-Lingua LLC where he oversees development for the Converged SCP. He can be reached at