Tel-Lingua was created to provide a low cost operational expense ($s) solution for many telecom services that have historically only had capital expense ($$$$s) solutions.

We use state of the art software technology with VMware, Microsoft Windows and RedHat operating systems, the latest in server and storage systems technology to offer robust, reliable services.

Through the deployment of Converged SCP platforms, today Tel-Lingua can offer local number portability transaction and batch solutions, customer name (CNAM) as both a hosted database solution as well as CNAM gateway services to the other US and Canadian service providers. We are excited to announce that 800 translation services will be live in April 2014.

Under development for later deployment, Tel-Lingua is working on: a ubiquitous wireless handset solution for CNAM and a disruptive SIP/WebRTC handset/tablet/laptop application.

Tel-Lingua was started by two innovative telecom entrepreneurs with long track records of innovation, creativity and business success.

As part of differentiating ourselves from our competitors we will go the extra distance to support our services, customize our offerings to meet your requirements and even develop new solutions just for you.